My body

Humans are as alike as we are different. Everyone is distinguished by their own preferences, interests, beliefs, talents and character traits. We also differ in the way we look, from the color of our eyes to the size of the shoes we wear. And that's great! With our individuality and differences, each of us contributes to the diversity and variety of the world.

The way we look affects how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves. It is characteristic of the teenage years that we become particularly sensitive and demanding about our appearance, and for this reason we always find flaws to worry about. We are either too tall or too thin, we find ourselves fat or we don't like our curves. Often, focusing on our flaws, we stop noticing our qualities. Our self-esteem begins to suffer, which affects our social activity and our relationships with others. This can cause us to wear clothes we don't like, subject our bodies to extreme diets, refuse activities in which our bodies are on display, or avoid socializing with peers who we believe are physically superior to us.

Sometimes we make fun of other people's flaws or treat someone with disdain just because they look a certain way, without realizing that doing so might hurt their feelings. Or vice versa – we admire or envy someone just because they look good.

Part of growing up is realizing that there are no perfect people. Don't be afraid to be imperfect and be proud of who you are. Learn to love your body as nature created it. Work on your confidence and mindset. Focus on what you like about him rather than his imperfections. If you think you're attractive, then others will think so too.

Of course, body care is very important. Our body is the home of our soul. And she will inhabit it throughout our lives. Therefore, take care of it - observe good personal hygiene, eat healthy, exercise, take time to rest, avoid harmful substances such as cigarettes and alcohol. This is the most direct way to maintaining a good appearance, tone, self-confidence and health.

If you are plagued by concerns related to your appearance or are looking for a way to improve it, talk to your parents or your GP. They can give you good advice.

Do not hesitate to contact the NATIONAL TELEPHONE LINE FOR CHILDREN by dialing 116 111 - free and anonymous! We are here for you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!