My family

The family is the environment in which children are born and spend important and defining years of their lives. It is where we walk, say our first words, learn to communicate and do different things, learn how to behave inside and outside the home, form our understanding of the world and learn different values. All our childhood memories are related to family. The adults who raise us are the ones we rely on the most and even for everything. They give us a sense of security and confidence by providing everything necessary for our existence, guiding us and helping us cope in everyday life.

When we talk about family, we usually imagine parents and their children. In fact, there are many types of families - single-parent families, families in which children are raised by grandparents or other relatives, in which one parent is not biological, and those in which there is no kinship between the children and the adult caregivers. them.

However, what connects people in a family is not its composition, but love and care for each other, their ability to accept each other as they are and forgive each other - everything.

If things are happening in your family that make you feel confused, sad or scared, contact the NATIONAL CHILD LINE by dialing 116 111. We will listen and support you - anonymously and free of charge. YOU ARE NOT ALONE